Dealing With Furnace Problems

Dealing With Furnace Problems

Two Ways To Get Air In Your House Today

by Eliza Chapman

You wake up look at the weather and feel thankful for your air conditioner because it's supposed to be a very hot one. You can only imagine how uncomfortable you and your family would be if you didn't have your AC unit. The morning turns into mid-day and things really start to heat up, so you go to turn on your air. However, something has gone wrong and it isn't working! You want to get your house cool, fast and you don't know what to do. The first thing you do is call an air conditioning repair person, like Nova Air Conditioning & Heating, and make an appointment for them to come out. After that, here are some tips for getting your house at a comfortable temperature quickly until the HVAC technician can get out to help you:

Run down to the store and buy a window air conditioner

If you live in an area where it stays hot for longer periods of time and gets very hot, then there may be the chance you will need to wait a while before the tech can get out to you. If this is the case, you can run down to your local big box store or hardware store and purchase a window air conditioning unit. You can put the unit in the window of the room you will be spending the most time in and you can cover up the open space with a piece of plywood or cardboard for the time being. This will allow you to quickly drop the temperature in the house until help arrives.

Use the morning temperatures to your benefit

Since it will be cooler in the morning, you want to make sure you know just how to use this to your advantage when it comes to getting by during the hottest part of the day. Open all the windows that don't already have the sun starting to shine on them, move the blinds out of the way and get a nice cross breeze going through the house. You can even set stand up fans directly in front of some of the windows and put them on circulate mode so they do a good job of moving that cool air around. As soon as it starts to heat up outside you want to close all the windows and curtains, trapping the cool air in and preventing hot air from entering through the windows.


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Dealing With Furnace Problems

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