Dealing With Furnace Problems

Dealing With Furnace Problems

Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Air Conditioner Working Well When Your Health Depends On It

by Eliza Chapman

Air conditioning is a necessity for many people rather than a luxury. If you have allergies, a respiratory problem, or if there is an elderly family member living in your home, you need to control the temperature to stay healthy and to keep your family comfortable. That makes routine AC maintenance more important than ever. If your air conditioner crashes on a hot and humid day, you may struggle to breathe if you have COPD. At the very least you'll feel miserable when your home is hot and stuffy. Here are some of the things you need to do to keep your air conditioner functional during the hot summer months:

Change The Filter Monthly

When your AC runs nearly all day during the summer, you want to change the filter regularly. You may need to change it as often as once a month. Changing the filter keeps dust out of the air and it prevents problems with your air conditioner. A clogged filter is a leading contributor to air conditioner breakdowns. Get in the habit of changing your filter on the first day of the month, or some other time that is easy to remember so you can avoid unnecessary problems with your AC.

Keep The Condenser Clear

It may be difficult to keep up with yard work when it is hot and humid outside, but one thing you want to do is keep weeds, tall grass, and bushes away from the air conditioning condenser. If your yard tends to get away from you, especially in the back where the condenser is, then put a border around the unit. Pull out all the weeds and grass, put down landscaping fabric, and then spread out gravel or river rocks. This ensures no grass or weeds can get close enough to block air flow around the condenser. Trim back bushes, tree branches, and plants aggressively before cooling season begins so you won't have to worry about them crowding the air conditioner.

Have Annual Preventative Maintenance

Consider getting a service contract with an HVAC contractor for annual preventative maintenance calls. The condenser outside and the air handler inside should be checked and serviced at least once each year. Doing so will catch potential problems while they can be fixed by replacing a worn part or lubricating the unit. The technician also checks the refrigerant and the electrical system of the air conditioner to make sure it is ready for a few months of hard use. Even if your air conditioner is working fine, a maintenance call will help keep it that way, and it is a good investment for your money.

If you run your air conditioner when it has problems, the coils may freeze over or damage may be done to the unit that costs much more to repair than the price of a maintenance call. When your health or the health and comfort of a family member is on the line, you want to be proactive in caring for your air conditioner so you can avoid a breakdown on a sweltering hot day.

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Dealing With Furnace Problems

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