Dealing With Furnace Problems

Dealing With Furnace Problems

3 Suggestions For Keeping An HVAC System Energy Efficient

by Eliza Chapman

Were you shocked to discover how high your first energy bill was in the building that you recently purchased for your business? If you are confused in regards to how the bill got so high, focus your attention on the overall condition of the HVAC system. Did you get the system inspected by a professional before purchasing the building? You might need a new system installed in the building, and there are ways to ensure that it will remain energy efficient for many years to come. This article will give you direction on how your new HVAC system can be maintained in an energy efficient condition.

1. Ensure That Air is Able to Flow Freely

The biggest problem that can occur with an HVAC system that causes poor energy efficiency is for air to not flow freely. There is a certain route that air takes before it comes out of the vents, and problems can lead to only a small amount of air making it through the system. For example, after the blower fan creates air, it then travels through a filter so contaminants can be removed. The filter can prevent air from flowing through if it isn't kept clean. Get your air filter cleaned professionally every now and then to keep air flowing freely through the system.

2. Get the Air Ducts Inspected for Leaks

Leaking air ducts is another problem that can occur within an HVAC system and affect energy efficiency. There are a few things that can lead to air leaking out of the ducts, and you should get them occasionally inspected to ensure that the problems are not present. For example, there are fittings between the ducts that connects them all together. If the fittings are loose, it makes it possible for air to seep out of the ducts. Holes can also develop in the ducts if they get rusty, which creates another way for air to seep out before making it out of the vents.

3. Don't Ignore Problems When They Arise

Allowing problems to remain within the system can take a toll on energy efficiency in the long run. For instance, if you don't get dirt removed every now and then, it can lead to the system running inefficiently. Dirt can affect the air ducts, coils, blower fan, and many other important parts of the system. You should also get the thermostat inspected and repaired if you notice that the needle isn't functioning correctly. A damaged thermostat can lead to the wrong temperatures being set, which plays a role in a lack of energy efficiency.

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Dealing With Furnace Problems

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