Dealing With Furnace Problems

Dealing With Furnace Problems

4 Reasons To Have Your AC System Checked Out In The Winter

by Eliza Chapman

By the time that your home gets warm enough to turn on the air conditioning unit, you're going to have to stop and think about the last time you had it serviced. Running an AC after a full winter of it being off is a risky move as a homeowner. Here are four reasons to have an AC appointment made in the winter for your convenience.

1. Homeowners Can Learn If Anything Is Wrong With Their AC Units Early

While seasons gradually change, sometimes temperatures can go to different extremes. By having your AC services in home performed in January, December, or February, you'll get a heads up on potential condenser issues or even if you need your AC coils replaced. If you wait to have your AC unit inspected the same week that you want to start running it 24/7, there's the chance that your home will be left sweltering hot until the repairs are finished.

2. HVAC Technicians Have More Time to Answer AC Servicing Calls In the Winter

Consider how many AC services in your hometown showing up at your neighbor's homes when spring weather breaks. As soon as temperatures hit the 70s and continue to rise, HVAC technicians are reporting to more emergency AC servicing calls and scheduled appointments than any other period of the year. Some AC repair services will be booked solid for weeks so getting an appointment when you need an inspection or servicing is going to be tough outside of summer and fall.

3. Plants Grow In and Around Unused AC Units

When residential air conditioning units don't need to be in service, the compressor can be left forgotten and unprotected. Alongside of your AC compressor may be some vines that slowly grow and creep up, until they're growing inside of the compressor itself. You really should have AC services in your area come and eliminate all foliage from your AC unit after the summer is over so that plants don't take over and damage the interior components.

4. Cleaning An AC Unit Can Be Easier In the Winter

It can be easier for HVAC technicians to clean and service the parts of your AC unit that have to be thoroughly cleaned when the weather is cooler rather than hot. If any part of your residential air conditioner needs to be hosed off or even checked for leaks, it is best to have it done when refrigerants and oils have been left undisturbed for awhile.

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Dealing With Furnace Problems

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