Dealing With Furnace Problems

Dealing With Furnace Problems

Freezing House: Is It Time To Service Your Air Duct System?

by Eliza Chapman

If your home just won't warm up even after you crank up your furnace, you may think it's time to service the appliance. But before you take apart your furnace, check your air duct system first. If you haven't cleaned or replaced your air ducts in many years, they can leak warm air during the cold season. The trapped heat can eventually backtrack to your furnace and cause a number of issues with it. The information below can help you warm up your freezing house properly.

Why Won't Your Home Warm Up Properly?

Although many things can prevent warm air from flowing freely into your homes, one of the most common issues to look for is a blocked air duct system. Your furnace can't send warm air through clogged, torn, or even broken air ducts. Instead of traveling to your living room, dining room, and bedrooms, the air circulating through your air duct system can leak into your wall cavities and other unconditioned spaces. 

You can try to warm up your house by cleaning some of your air ducts. You can vacuum or sweep out their air registers and ducts to improve airflow. You can also change your air filter and sweep out your furnace's blower compartment to improve your home's air circulation. 

If your home doesn't warm up after trying the cleaning tips above, contact an HVAC service provider or heating contractor right away.

How Can a Professional HVAC Contractor Help You?

A heating contractor can inspect your air duct system to see if it requires more than simple repairs. If your air ducts are too old to repair with caulk, tape, or another method, they can fail later on in the season. Different factors, such as condensation and mold, can cause air ducts to rust or tear in multiple places. 

In addition to physical damage, some older air duct systems can move out place in the home. The ducts' seams can loosen up or collapse, which allows air to leak out into the environment. Mice and rats can also take advantage of your damaged air ducts over time. The pests can establish nesting sites throughout your ductwork. 

To avoid the serious and potentially dangerous conditions above, a contractor may replace your old ductwork with a new system. If you have concerns about replacing your air ducts, speak to a contractor immediately.

For more details about your air ducts, including how to clean or replace them, contact an HVAC specialist near you today


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Dealing With Furnace Problems

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