Dealing With Furnace Problems

Dealing With Furnace Problems

Two Maintenance Tips For Heating Systems

by Eliza Chapman

During the winter, nothing is more important than having a reliable heating system. It keeps the temperature in the home warm and comfortable. Losing that heat during such cold weather can be dangerous and even deadly in extreme cases. In order to keep the system working properly, you need to do routine checks on it multiple times a year. You should always check it before the beginning of the cold season. This guide goes over some tips for maintenance tips for heating systems.


One of the main parts of maintenance checks involves the filter. The filter collects dust and other tiny particles of dirt or debris while the furnace is running. After a while, the screen of it becomes too clogged with this and needs to be cleaned or replaced. Reusable filters can be cleaned by running a warm, damp cloth over each side of the filter. Once it is free of dust and dirt, you can replace the filter back inside the furnace. Some models require a new filter every time the old one is full of dust. Check the model number on the filter so you know which one to buy. Take the information to a home improvement store and someone can help you find the correct filter. Consider buying a few at a time so you have some on hand whenever you need them. Never neglect to change the filter when it is full because it causes the system to run harder than it should and this can lead to bigger problems.


The vents can also collect dust throughout the year. Check all the vents in your home regularly to make sure they are free of dust. Remove floor vents and make sure there are no items that have dropped down inside the vents. Carefully remove any items that have fallen in. You can also stick a vacuum hose inside the vent hole to clean it. Don't forget to check the unit itself as it also has a vent on the front of it. Run a dust brush along it to properly clean it. When the vents are clean, the air can flow through them a lot easier. If they are restricted, the lack of airflow means the property cannot heat up as it should.


Routine maintenance can be done by anyone who owns a furnace. However, repairs should always be done by an HVAC services provider. It can be dangerous for someone who isn't an HVAC contractor to work on a heating system.


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Dealing With Furnace Problems

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