Dealing With Furnace Problems

Dealing With Furnace Problems

What Causes The Capacitor In Your AC To Malfunction And The AC Repairs Needed

by Eliza Chapman

An AC capacitor is a part that looks similar to a battery and it has a similar function. The capacitor is an electrical part that stores energy and then delivers it to the motor in your air conditioner to give it power to start up. Here are some things that could cause the capacitor to go bad, signs of a bad capacitor, and how an AC repair service can fix the problem.

Why An AC Capacitor Goes Bad

A capacitor is one part of your AC that can go bad simply because it gets old and worn out. Another reason for a malfunction is the capacitor overheating. This can happen if your AC runs continuously on a very hot day or if it runs all the time or shuts on and off frequently due to a problem with the air conditioner. A power surge can also damage a capacitor, such as a problem with the power grid or a nearby lightning strike.

Signs The Capacitor In Your AC Is Going Bad

The capacitor stores energy so it helps the motor start up. When the AC first starts, it uses more electricity than it does when it runs after it's started. The capacitor supplies the extra boost of power the AC needs. If the capacitor is bad, the AC may struggle to start or it may start and shut down.

The capacitor may also make odd noises, such as a humming sound, when it's bad. An AC repair technician can test the capacitor with a meter and determine if it is the problem with your AC or if there is another reason your air conditioner isn't running right.

How A Bad Capacitor Is Repaired

Fortunately, a bad capacitor is one of the more affordable AC repairs. The technician has to replace the bad capacitor with a new one. While this seems like a simple task, it's best to let an AC repair technician do the job since the capacitor stores an electrical charge and you could get shocked if you don't handle the part carefully.

A capacitor malfunction is one AC repair you don't want to put off. It may not cost a whole lot to replace the capacitor, but the damage caused by running your AC when the capacitor isn't working right could be quite expensive. So, if you sense something is wrong with your AC, but you don't know what it is, call an AC repair technician for help so you can prevent damage to your air conditioner.


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Dealing With Furnace Problems

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