Dealing With Furnace Problems

Dealing With Furnace Problems

Do I Need A Plumber Or A Plumbing Contractor?

by Eliza Chapman

If you need plumbing services performed on your existing home or brand-new build, you may be confused as to what type of plumber you need to call. While plumbers can handle everyday issues such as installing appliances, repairing fixtures, and fixing clogged toilets, plumbing contractors perform larger services, such as overseeing a plumbing project in its entirety and laying out the plans for what will happen. Knowing who to call at what time is imperative to make sure that your job is performed correctly.

Below are a few questions you can ask yourself to help make the right decision. If you need help at any step along the way, make sure you call a local company that handles plumbing services to ask for more information.

How Big Is Your Project?

If your job is something routine that can be handled around the house, such as a toilet that is backing up in your bathroom or a garbage disposal that needs to be replaced, a plumber is most likely the person that you will call. These individuals can arrive within the day and can either operate independently or as part of a team. They can also perform almost any plumbing service that you require.

Plumbing contractors, on the other hand, either have their own company or lead a team inside of a larger plumbing organization. They're responsible for designing the layout of the plumbing system — either in commercial or residential properties — and work hand-in-hand with plumbers to make sure that the task is taken care of on time and within budget.

How Specific Is Your Project?

Though plumbers can perform a variety of services, if you have a specific job that requires advanced expertise, you'll need to hire a plumbing contractor to get it taken care of for you. Plumbing contractors usually have certifications or licenses to work on different types of projects and may have specializations in areas that you'll need, such as multilevel plumbing systems. Be sure to ask your local contractor about the types of plumbing services they can provide.

How Far Along Is Your Project?

Plumbing contractors are not only vital to making sure that the plumbing services in your project go with as few hiccups as possible, but are also responsible for the initial planning and final inspection of the project. Though a plumber will be the ones actually laying pipes, installing gas lines, and hooking up connections, your final walk-through will most likely be with the plumbing contractor, since they're the ones that oversee the project.


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Dealing With Furnace Problems

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