Dealing With Furnace Problems

Dealing With Furnace Problems

Possible Causes And Fixes Of Low Airflow Coming Out Of Your Furnace

by Eliza Chapman

Low airflow from your furnace is a cause for concern because your furnace won't be able to keep you warm if it can't blow out enough heated air. Plus, the furnace might overheat when there isn't adequate airflow, and that could harm your furnace. Here's a look at the causes of low airflow and what you can try before calling a furnace repair company.

Reasons For Low Airflow That Have DIY Fixes

Think of things you might check to see if something is obstructing airflow. The first thing to check is the furnace filter. If it's coated with dust, your furnace won't draw air freely, and it will struggle to run. You can fix this problem by putting in a new filter.

If you're able to, you might want to check your ducts too. If a duct is damaged, leaking, or blocked, it might be limiting airflow. If you can fix the duct yourself without harming it, that might solve your problem. However, the issue might be a malfunctioning damper, and in that case, you'll probably need help from a furnace repair professional.

Times When A Furnace Repair Technician Is Needed

If nothing is blocking airflow in your furnace, the problem might be that your furnace isn't blowing enough air. Your furnace makes air with the help of a motor that spins a blower fan. If any part in the fan and motor assembly goes bad, the fan may not turn as fast or it may not turn at all. Then you'll have reduced or no airflow.

A furnace repair technician can pull the blower out of the furnace to check it for problems. They can also check the belt, capacitor, and motor. The problem might be a buildup of dust on the parts, and in that case, the technician can clean the furnace so the fan will spin easily.

If a belt or capacitor is bad, the technician can replace them. If those parts are okay, the problem might be in the motor. Depending on what the problem is, the motor might be repaired or replaced. Sometimes, a motor burns out when the blower fan gets clogged with dust and the motor has to work hard to spin the fan.

Having regular service from an HVAC company to clean and check your furnace parts and often prevents trouble with the blower and motor in your furnace. However, when they start acting up, it's important to get repairs done promptly. Your furnace could shut down if it overheats, or if it just runs inefficiently, the furnace can drive up your power bills until the problem is fixed.


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Dealing With Furnace Problems

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