Dealing With Furnace Problems

Dealing With Furnace Problems

Heating Repair Basics To Help You Troubleshoot Problems With Your System

by Eliza Chapman

When a heating system fails, it can be frustrating. There are a number of different components that can potentially break down and leave you cold at night. You need the right information to help you troubleshoot the problems with your system. The following guide will give a basic overview of home heating repairs so you can troubleshoot problems:

Issues With the Blower

The airflow of your HVAC system can be the cause of winter heating problems. These problems are often due to issues with the blower not working efficiently. Sometimes, the blower can be cleaned to solve issues. There could also be damage to the blower that needs to be repaired, such as failing bushings or damage to the fins of the fan. Have a heating repair service deal with these issues or replace the blower if the problems with airflow persist.

Troubleshoot Your Furnace

You should know how to troubleshoot some of the common problems with your furnace. Issues with your furnace are often due to failing pilot lights, thermocouples, and control panels. If you have checked the pilot light and it does not stay on, this is probably a problem with the thermocouple that needs to be repaired. If there is clutter around your furnace, this can also cause issues due to the burner not getting enough air and ventilation, which can also be a hazard.

Dealing With the Heating Not Starting

In addition to problems with the furnace, there are other issues that can cause the heating to not start. There are various issues with the heating not starting that you might need to troubleshoot. One of the common problems that cause these issues but gets overlooked is a bad capacitor. The problem could also be due to issues with the main power circuit of the furnace or loose access panels, which often have safety relays.

Solving Problems With Strange Noises

There are also issues with strange noises that heating systems can make when there is a problem. The strange noises could be due to several problems—starting with the blower. If the blower has damaged or loose parts, it could be the cause of the noises. In addition to the blower, there could be issues with airflow and the exhaust gases to the furnace that cause your heating to make strange noises when it is on.

Basic troubleshooting can help you solve many problems and know what repairs your system needs. Contact a heating repair service to deal with these issues when you have a problem with your system.


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Dealing With Furnace Problems

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