Dealing With Furnace Problems

Dealing With Furnace Problems

Winter Is On Its Way: Learn How To Do Proper HVAC Heater Maintenance

by Eliza Chapman

Winter is on its way and temperatures drop in most areas. One thing you need to make sure of is that you and your family stay warm when it gets cold outside. One way to do this is to provide HVAC heater maintenance to ensure your heater stays running. There are things you can do, as well as hire a heater maintenance company to do for you. Keep reading to learn more.  

Information About HVAC Heating Systems

An HVAC heater system takes in the cold air and then heats this air before it is sent back into your home. These systems use electric power or gas to provide you with heat. 

Once the air is at the set temperature, it gets into your house through vents, air ducts, fans, etc. A thermostat is installed so you can control how warm you want this air to be. The heating system senses when the air drops below the set temperature and will then start automatically heating the air again. 

Heater Maintenance Tips

With an HVAC heater system, there are many parts that you need to maintain. For example, it is important that the fan stays in good condition so it can push air into your home. Over time, the combs on the fan can become bent and will need to be straightened. If you go outside, you can see this fan through the vents that are generally on top of the HVAC unit. 

There are components inside the HVAC unit, such as the evaporator coils, a compressor, a blower, and more. There is also electrical wiring that must be checked. For these components and wiring, a heater maintenance professional should check these things for you. They can also clean the inside of the HVAC unit while they are there to help it run longer for you. 

The heater maintenance contractor will also check the air ducts inside your home. It is important that the air duct system is in good condition, so the right amount of airflow gets into your home. The duct system may have rips at the seams. If so, special tape can be used to close these up. If the contractor finds the duct system in bad shape, they may suggest installing new air ducts.  

If you have more questions about heater maintenance, talk to a local HVAC contractor. They can answer your questions and help fix your heater problems. 


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Dealing With Furnace Problems

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