Dealing With Furnace Problems

Dealing With Furnace Problems

When To Get A Home Chimney Inspection And What It Involves

by Eliza Chapman

It's important to have regular home chimney inspections so you reduce your risk of starting a home fire. Using your fireplace can be hazardous if your chimney is damaged or coated with too much soot and creosote. Here's when you should have a home chimney inspection and information on how it's done.

When To Have Your Chimney Inspected

If you use your fireplace every winter, it's a good idea to have your chimney inspected before cold weather sets in and you start the first fire of the season. If you haven't used your fireplace in a few years, it's still important to have it inspected before you use it the first time.

You'll also want an inspection done if it seems like your fireplace or chimney is having problems. For instance, you might feel heat along the wall or notice bricks are loose.

What A Home Chimney Inspection Involves

The home chimney inspection company may ask you to avoid using your fireplace for a day or two before they arrive to do the inspection. This ensures the fireplace is cooled off and safe to work around. When the inspector arrives, you'll want to let them know about any concerns you have such as if the fireplace hasn't been used in years or it isn't working properly.

There are different levels of chimney inspections. If you've not had any trouble with your chimney and you've had it cleaned regularly, a basic inspection is usually all you need. A basic inspection involves checking the parts of the chimney that are easily visible. This may also include sweeping so the inspector can get a good look at the amount of creosote on the sides.

Other inspections are more involved. The next level might use a video camera to look at the insides of the chimney in places not easily available. The most detailed inspection is done after your chimney or fireplace has been damaged. This involves looking at the entire chimney and using tools to look at parts that are hidden from view.

The cost of a home chimney inspection varies according to the level of the inspection and whether cleaning is included. The more involved the inspection, the more it costs. However, the price is worth it so your fireplace and chimney work properly and don't pose a danger to your house or family.

If the inspection doesn't include sweeping, you'll need to have that done separately. It's important to have your chimney swept out every year so creosote doesn't build up on the walls of the chimney and create a fire hazard. The inspector will probably advise you to follow up with sweeping, and they may also recommend or schedule repairs if they find any damages.

Reach out to a local home chimney inspection service to learn more.


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